Tori is a magical school girl, having been gifted her transformation device as a birthday gift from her deceased mother. Things had been going fairly well-fighting monsters and defending the city - that is, until her father, Terry, caught her in the act. Now it's balancing her father's concerns as a worried parent with protecting the city. After all, how unreasonable is it to want to use powers you've been gifted with for the greater good?


My Dad is a Magical Girl (MDIAMG) began as an exclusive comic in the webcomic magazine St.Art Faire. It debuted with the magazine's 2nd issue on April 1st, 2016 and ran until August 1st, 2018 with the Magazine's closure. It updated for the magazine as issues of 5 pages or more with cover, while simultaneously updated on its sole mirror Tapas weekly on Mondays in single page updates.

Now, with St.Art Faire's closure, it's prompted Shinavar to get off her bum and finally get things rolling more properly. This website was created and set up at the end of June 2018, and will begin to share MDIAMG on other mirrored platforms in the future as formatting takes place.

MDIAMG continues to update in weekly intervals. On mirrors, it's 1 month behind the main website here, and supporters on Patreon get the comic as full issues months in advance to the public.

It is currently unknown when any publishing will take place as many of the older pages need to be adjusted to meet proper printing criteria.


About the Artist

Storyteller and Artist

Shinavar (aka Tenor) is a storyteller by nature, artist by necessity, but an overall blanket of work ethic held down by a mountain of responsibilities as a 31-year-old parent with a small child. She's USA born melting pot with nearing 2 decades of work in the creative business both as a hobby and later professionally.

MDIAMG was a for fun project that has grown exponentially and she is eager to see it to its completion of the "first series" with a possible sequel in the works.

She enjoys long walks by the river, hiking, and heat lightning storms.

For more of Shinavar's works, you can check out her main hub for everything going on!