How to Monetarily Support the Comic

Money is important to creators because often we put out content for free - but we also need money to live in today's society. I have a child to raise and support as well so making this my full time job is pretty important. Of course there are a number of ways to support me!


Patreon is a subscription service that you can set up for monthly donations. In exchange, you get the comic months in advance to the public and lots of little goodies based on the amount you donate every month!


Buy Me a Coffee at
Ko-Fi is a small site based around $3 donations for "A cup of coffee". A great way to tip, or sometimes incentives may be posted!


Sometimes commissions are open. By paying me to draw what you want, we both benefit! You can check out my pricing at the main site!


How to Support the Comic for Free

Not everyone has ways to support the comic monetarily. Here are some ways you can still support the comic without having to spend money!

Vote for MDIAMG on TWC!

Voting for MDIAMG on TopWebComic helps potentially reach new viewers! You can vote every day once, and it resets every month.

Share Updates!

By sharing update notices, you help me spread awareness to my comic. This means potentially bringing in new viewers. This is a great assistance I'm always happy to get!

Whitelist my Sites from your adblocker!

Some of my websites use advertisements - this includes mirrors. If you turn off your adblocker for those sites, I get ad revenue. This may only be pennies at a time, but a little bit 'ads' up, and it's completely free way for you to help me make some earnings!

Comment and Engage!

This one probably seems very 'How does this help?' but hear me out! It can be very difficult sometimes to keep working when there is always silence. Even a "like" on something helps show me I don't have a following of robots and reminds me there is content. Of course, you don't have to pity like anything, but if something stands out to you? Go on and toss a like, or say something! Even if it's been said, or you feel your words won't matter - trust me, they matter the world to me! I look back on comments frequently for energy to keep going in my darkest days. No matter how small they are, they are quite powerful.


Banner Exchange

The banner exchange system here is a method of joint-promotion between myself and comics! (If interested outside of comics, please check out my banner exchange for my main site).

It's a simple system where if I put your banner up and link to your comic on my site, you do the same for My Dad Is A Magical Girl on yours!

I do tend to promote resource sites as well but that's because if it's stuff I can get for free, I feel I can at least get them some traffic. And even if not free it's still great to show what I tend to use.

Here's a list of banners you're free to use. I'm happy to make more, or you can fiddle about with my stuff to make your own! :D If you wish to exchange banners send me a message anywhere but my main contact is my email.